Product Care

The items that we sell are extremely delicate and fragile. Proper care for your products will help these beautiful items last. To avoid accidental breakage, items should be handled by their stem or thickest parts only.

Using your Cake Topper

  • Hold your cake topper by the stem when inserting into your cake.
  • Keep clear of candle flames as this product is flammable.
  • To clean after use, gently wash with soapy water and leave to dry.
  • To clean finger marks, use a lens cleaning cloth and gently rub the marks away.
  • After use, store back in original packaging. Do not place under heavy objects.
  • Keep out of reach of children

With some products, a second backing board is included. Place your item between the backing boards for extra protection whilst in storage.

All of our Cake Toppers are packed ready to go with their protective film and masking removed. We recommending cleaning your toppers before use. 

Wall Plaques

Ensure these are secured to the wall with good quality hanging strips. Do not hang items over cots/beds where children sleep. 


Our products are made using a laser machine. On the odd occasion burn marks or imperfections can occur. This is all part of the laser process and does not affect the function of your product.